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Here's a clip of the CS1 next to a U87Ai on my acoustic guitar. Please keep any comments about the playing to your damn selves. Thanks!

Taylor Big Baby guitar, mics 15" from the 12th fret, into DAV BG8 pres and Mytek 8x192 AD.

To me it's like taking off your sunglasses and suddenly seeing the colors you've become accustomed to missing.
Thanks for the clips!
I think they show once again that a CK12´s frequency response suits acoustic guitars very well whereas a u87´s (or u67´s) are not so well suited if you are aiming for a full range clear/detailed sound.

It should be noted however that imho we are not hearing less detail here but just the result of the frequency curves of the mics. Some small eq tweaks make the u87 recording just as detailed sounding (I know because I tried - basically the same moves that make a U87 sound more like a CK12, upping bass, scooping mids, upping highs). Yes, I know using eq is a controversial topic, but anyways, I am someone who differentiates between f-curves and things like tone, detail, depth etc...ymmv! If anyone is interested in listening let me know, I can upload the file.

Rock on!

ps - I really like that you recorded the same take with both mics. Makes comparisons very accurate!