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Space Coupler

Y' all, justified curiosity regarding Space Coupler. I have a pdf article here originally from 'Sweet Spot' in Resolution Magazine. It is by Jeff Syzmanski, chief acoustical engineer at Auralex. It puts forward theories as to what the Space Coupler does in various situations, including flat to the wall, as a divider coupling into another space usefully, a cloud, and in in front of absorption. It claims a 40% improvement in absorption in the 125Hz octave when placed in front of a Bass Trap. I don't think I can publish this here, but pm me or try Resolution or Auralex.
Am I right in thinking Jeff is no longer with Auralex? This might explain the lack of good info on the SC. The theories in the article are to me, all quite plausible. I am a bit gobsmacked by the 40% and am hoping for tests. An engineer at Auralex has promised to show me some tests when they get them done.
Terry I would absolutely love if you would do the tests. Make some SuperChunks, then try a membrane, then try a Coupler. Note when testing such devices, they would need to be big, i.e. floor to ceiling, four would be good, two minimum IMHO.
You can see my general idea about using Analysis Software at the Sticky.
However for this LF testing I suggest we focus on modal issues rather than frequency response. In that case I would place the driving speaker or speakers in corners, on the floor, to drive the rooms modes evenly and fully.
I would measure the room at 4- 6 spots, keeping more than 1 metre away from surfaces. Average the results. FuzzMeasure is superb at averaging in various ways. Get the RMS plug in.