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A little birdie told me that Digidesign will release the new Digi 003 VE at AES. Here's what I got from the press release:

After much flak taken for the 'toyish' design of their 001 and 002 interfaces, Digidesign has now come up with the 003 VE(Vintage Edition), a 'tube-powered' design. Actually it's only lit by tubes but market research on Digidesign's part has shown that most PT users seek 'analog surroundings' when working on their DAW.

Digidesign will also present their brand new MONOTOR Monitor control, an amazing device that is the ideal solution for getting latency-free, 'vintage' monitor mixes while recording to PT. Use one great mix for all the musicians, just like the old days! The MONOTOR uses a very rare NOS germanium chip for maxium grit. Details how this was achieved unfortunately haven't been available at press time. The most amazing feature though may be the new 'period correct' virtual playback options.
'Motown' 'paper-tissue NS-10' and 'big balls' are but a few choices available, choose 'period correct' playback sonics for your mix! (And check e-bay for speaker options)

A bridge interface for true stereo operation of two MONOTORs will be available by the end of 2005.

Great news, AES guys keep us posted!