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A Designs REDDI power supply switchable?

Does anybody know if the A Designs REDDI has switchable power, so if I bought one 2nd hand from the USA would it work in the UK (230V) without using a transformer?

I've seen a photo of the back of the REDDI, and there are 3 options mentioned there:

Fuse 1 Amp/120V
Fuse 1/2 Amp/230V
Fuse 1 Amp/100V

However there are check boxes to the left of each the writing, which might indicate each individual unit is fixed, and it's merely giving you the fuse information depending on what voltage your unit is fixed at? Or is it just a matter of using the appropriate fuse for your power supply then plugging it in?

There are "warning" and "caution" messages near it as well, but the photo is too blurred to read what it says. Any info would be appreciated, thanks!