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Silvertone,what do you use to power the ones in your mix room? I only consider the B&W because I am mostly composing classical and new age/classical,so these are an option,I think.

I have two different amps that I use (three really as a pair I use as mono blocks). For solid state I use a Hafler 9505 but on occasion I just feel like using tube amps and I have two highly modded Dynaco ST70's.

I have owned in the past JBL 4411's, Westlake Audio BBSM10's, Yamaha NS10M's, Tannoy Golds & Little Red's, Tannoy NFM8's, Paradigm Studio 20's (still have these as well), B&W N805's and N802's. I've mixed on... well you name it but Pro-Ac 100's were some of my favorites as well. Oh and I just bought a second pair (first ones burned up in a fire) Barefoot MM27's.

IMHO, you really can't go wrong with the B&W's but as you can see (and hear) there are many options out there.

I'd recommend B&W N805's (keep in mind I use them with a Velodyne sub as well to extend the low frequency... don't always have it on but it's nice to have to check subsonics every now and again), ProAc 100's (some of my favorite speakers for tracking and mixing... very picky about power amps though) and for a new favorite the Barefoot MM27's. Mixes seem to translate very well on the speakers as well.

Good luck in your search. A reputable dealer/manufacturer might let you try them in your own place... which is the best way to test speakers. PMC let me as did Quested and Tannoy in the past.