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1) That is a known issue in PT on PowerPC that I still need to get to the bottom of. Does it also happen when you click the "redline reverb" logo to enable bypass or when you click Bypass on the PT window?

2) There currently isn't but this will be addressed in a (the?) next update.

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1) Yeah, I should've said PowerPC G5. It happens either way. When the plug opens the "redline reverb" logo is lit up. If I click on that logo it greys out and the plugin goes into actual "bypass" mode as far as Pro Tools plugs go. After that, there's no bringin it back. If I click on the logo after that it will just kind of "blink" on with each mouse click but doesn't "stick", and the reverb just stays completely bypassed. Also, when clicking on the grey'd out logo the Pro Tools bypass button doesn't "blink" at all, it just stays bypassed.

2) That would be awsome!