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Originally Posted by TonyBelmont
Neve CIB???

Do you mean the Amek? If so, they are very different pieces. The Amek CIB is cool, but I always found it to be a little to clean. It doesn't really add much character to the signal. The GTQ is all about character, like a 1073, with a round bottom end, etc. The GTQ is also two channels, but doesn't have the compressor. So, they are different beasts altogether.
I've got about $1500. Been thinking of selling my ISA430 to come up with the rest of the funds to pick up the GTQ2. I'd be loosing the eq that I love. I've got the C2 for compression, so I could do without that and could definately forget about the Focusrite you think this would be a good move? The eq on the GTQ doen't appear it could do fine tune eqing very well. What do you up the rest and keep both or dump it? Know we're killing you with the GTQ questions but I think you're about the only regular to this rap forum, that has one. Thanks..