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No but i used to have a seb vmp 4k and it wasd a sweet pre, i.

I have a sebatron vmp 4000-is a classy pre. Can thicken signals using eq/pads and has soul and depth.

Even with air eq is darkish - which in my world is good. Awesome on vocals/drums (snare/room mikes) as it is quick, punchy and thick.

Just finished a session- testing gear for vocalist- using tube LDC's (pearlman tm1 and Beez Neez James) - and tested ADL 600, Pacifica and the Sebatron VMP 4000. The Seb is getting the guernsey- on this vocalist brought out the lower gutteral edges and had depth and soul- is a jazz blues french style- so I want a 3D vintage depth- not modern bright thin.

The Pacifica had more air, but was generally brighter and 2D. ADL has more 3D compared to Pacifica -but too glassy a sheen when combined with bright vocalist and tube mikes.

Sorry for long post- guess I am saying the Sebatron vmp 4000 is awesome bit of kit that is a tool that belongs in the big boys tool kits, and will get the gig even against big boys when the situation calls for it.

Definately not low end gear at all- a musical soulful pre.