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Thanks. It was a modified OceanWay drum setup (I worked there for 9 years)... Studio 3 is a small room where Pet Sounds was recorded... Now owned by East West but the Neve is gone.

Kick In D112
Kick Out 47 FET
Snare top - SM57
Snare side - AKG 452 -20dB pad
Snare bottom - Sennheiser 441
Hat - Schoeps CMC5U
Toms - AKG C12A's
OH's - C12's
Room - M50's

Neve 8078 discrete.

Drums in the front corner with the drummer's back to the glass/wall -- baffled in a little to tighten up the sound.

Tracked to Sony PCM800 (DA 88) and transferred to Pro Tools 3. Transferred to Studer 48 track DASH for mixing - by Bob Power who did an amazing job on an SSL G series at The Enterprise. Produced by David Gamson.

Thank's for the detail Rail...... it's a inspiring Album.........