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Recently, in a reply to a post of mine, I was asked to share some Linn Drum LM2 samples. I am happy to do that, and it made me think that it would be cool if we had a thread going where people could download each others samples.

I'm talking sounds not copywrited material! ..

personally, I do not have a problem sharing my sounds - especially if they're presets. so if you want to download a complete Linn Drum LM2 - it's here

If you do so, I think it would be nice if you return the favour! i'd especially be interested in newer analogue gear eg: JOMOX XBASE
if this goes well I'll add some more samples down the road. eg I have a bunch of nice MS20 hits and pulses i’m sure would go down well.

About the sound files:
recorded using an apogee ensemble at 192kHz.. I do have the same sounds at 44 if this is a problem for anyone.
you can download individual sounds (my favourite is tom-08) or just take the lot by downloading the zip. the zip had zero compression so it should unpack at high quality.

I used hotmail sky drive, which i think is a good system, you just open a hotmail account and they give you 25Gig of space to upload to.

anyway, we'll see if this thing goes anywhere of if it's just me giving out some sounds to the rest of you leaches!heh
the jomox files were found in a great website, but cant remember the link.
the Linndrum LM2 were AD with MOTU 2408mk2 includes the no pattern error tone.

i allways wanted a hi quality recorded Casio RZ1 samples
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