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GZ47fet - Solid State Condenser Microphone 1970's Vintage Smooth Sound Style

. Lead/solo vocals, speech, acoustic/electric guitar, acounstic/electric bass, cello, grand/jazz piano, saxophone, brass and drum applications

. 1970's vintage smooth sound style
. 34mm center terminated externally polarized pressure gradient condenser capsule
. Gold sputtered dual large diaphragm and single backplate
. Hand-assembling capsule and hand soldering PCB
. American made transformer
. Selectable patterns: omni, cardioid and fidure-8
. Low freqency roll-off switchable between flat and 100Hz
. Switchable pre attenuation: 0 or -10dB
. Reduced sibilance
. Fully discrete 'Class A' circuitry with high quality components including Fairchild FET, Dal resistors and Wima capacitors
.Solid hardwood box
. Matched pair available


Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

Here is what Master Zhuang said: "Only capsules are different. The GZ47fet is similar to Warbler II, GZ47fet V is smoother top end than GZ47fet and similar to M49, GZ251fet is similar to Warbler IV." I have the Warm Audio TB12, as i know, i can get it to warm up the mic's sound quite...

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Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

...capsule (47) - FET w/6.5:1 transformer-coupled output, cardioid only Warbler MKIID - center-terminated capsule (47) - FET w/6.5:1 transformer-coupled output, multi-pattern GZ47fet V: Smoother than GZ47fet, sounds like vintage M49. The GZ47fet V is better for dynamic female vocals where you want to tame any strident qualities, adding a more velvety texture, or possibly horns or violin...

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Bought a tlm 49 and well........

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ll check out those other options that you suggested. My impression was the mics were tonally similar but as you say a lot of the finer details and subtlety are where the TLM falls short. I’ve also heard vocalist sound great through it and agree with the...

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