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K, i wonder what would happen if dre, timbo or Storch, etc each went through their on hoods and bought 12 tracks each from unknown producers and then put their names is the cds' as producer, Would they sell?

or look at it the other way around. what is you find the tightest unknown rapper, got Dre, Tim, and Storch to do 4 tracks each for the artist, but not take any credit for the tracks or help the artists get contacts to A&R. Would this artist get signed right off the back? Will he/she sell a mil records? Will he/she got record play on every station by just asking?

stack those samples cat. I have been using 3-5 snare licks as one for a while now. maybe 2-3 kicks, same with hats and sometimes bass. Folks always ask what board I'm using......makes me laugh when i say it all stock stuff, but I don't usually say that its stacked. tutt tutt