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man. please calm down.

i'd didnt know it will hurt you so much.

but eh why is Dre not your Mentor ?

maybe because you didnt come in contact with him ?
storch hit up dre, dre seen his creativity so he pushed him alot. storch got some luck.thats all.
yes he uses moog too, but he knows how to tweak it in the mix, that everyone knows, hey this is a storch beat.

noone needs a second dre. and dre didnt wanted that storch sound like him. he wanted that storch evolve his style his OWN sound.

who likes commercial hiphop these days ?

me, mostly not.

why is some cats sampling sh*t others done 5 years ago ?

who needs a sample of sample of sample?

who needs another tracks with claps ?

and yes Just Blaze got his diggers, and kanye got some dudes replayin
samples he wanted to use, because of copyright issues of them samples, so that
he can use it in his tracks.

i know what ya mean man, i make tracks on this basic too, CLUB.

we'll i dont wanted do threat you man. maybe i done wrong.than im SORRY. but maybe you use some drummachines instead of gettin a library every second NON bizness producer uses.

i feel a lot more better if i tweak the drums my own. ( eq/compress......)

create your own drums.


(and hopefully we will not fight against us here ,its a peaceful place and be kept, if iwas wrong on you , i'm sorry again!)