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Sonar vs. Protools

I have used Sonar for years,but have recently moved over to Protools cause its the,"industry standard".Granted its not HD so I really cant make a real comparison,but it just seems Sonar is so much user friendly and has more capabilities.I havent scene that much more that Protools can do that Sonar can't.But there are things that Prottols do not have that I really miss from Sonar.Maybe you guys know something I dont and can help me out with this.

In Sonar there is built in EQs right on the mixer.Granted they are not high quality but they were deffinately useable as high pass filters to cut 70hz out of tracks.

Sonar has a Pre/Post option on each fader track.

And one I think is very important is the phase invert button on the mixer tracks.

And not to mention Sonar is just prettier and you dont have to know every damn keyboard short cut to get something done.And lets not even talkk about the midi sequencer.So generic.

Anybody got some info?