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wow thats cool the recording did sound badass . the pre can be finicky sometimes because its old although when i got it it was very rusty and dusty so i cleaned here up and back to health.. sometimes its very clean and sometimes theres a bit of noise... to be honest its just as phat as the transformers in my 60's panasonic tape deck...thick...even 670 has to bow down...heh but i got her thru ebay picked it up at some rich kids house in santa monica....he didnt know how to get it to work... and he probably wanted the money for some green...just the impression that i i scored for $100 bucks... i have an altec pre similar to it but i sitll have to hook that up and i got that for $60 bucks, i scored a orban deesser from ebay for $48 bucks that included shipping and is in perfect shape and straight from coast recorders in San fran and some White Eq's for about $70 a piece....their going to be my Q10's in analog form.. and the altec filter i got for$120 from a guy in burbanks..came from the first solid state modualr desk an altec 9200.. ive been trying to go more towards analog till i can get an all analog mix room and maybe a mastering room but i dont have that money yet..i give the whole deal about 5 years time...i should have enough quality gear to feel a whole wall full of crap.. but before i get off good at that.....ill will hopefully post the long run the RCA Samv-02 pre is good enough to stack takes on for vibe, if youre thing is accurate and a low noise floor you might want to look somewhere else....tyou might hear a bit of noise at - 67db when soloed but when all together as one you wont be able to tell and to me it brings a 3demnsion to what ever goes thru it. all transistor.