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i'd do a cost analysis:

student loans versus potential income.

hmmmmmmm, let's see...

potential income = zero

ok, my answer is "no, it's not worth it".

if audio engineering is your TRUE PASSION,
then please see if you can make yourself a career - without going into debt...

that means endless ambition, smart business, smart networking, and constant focus,
along with a TON of luck, RIDICULOUS COMPETITION, LOADS of BS,
...and in the end - probably not much money.

but if you're doing it because you really love it, there's something to be said for that -
after all, you only have one life, and you don't want to have too many regrets.
...just make sure you marry someone with money -
because you'll be living in a shoe box with 80 room mates, or homeless, if you don't