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Banished To The Basement! (Acoustic help needed)!

Due to a major remodel project, I have been banished to the basement. I have a small project studio that I use to convert, mixdown and do vinyl restoration in. I don't do any acoustic tracking
so at least that is not a problem.

The basement is a rectangle, 30' x 24' with a 7'.3" ceiling with exposed joists stuffed with the pink fiberglass stuff.

I have set up in one corner facing the long wall about 5 ft from the end (short) wall and 10ft from the long wall. Monitors are Event ASP8 and are about 6 inches from the wall and in an equilateral triangle approx 5ft on each side.

The joists run parallel to the small wall.
The floor and walls are poured concrete and there is a set of bookcases on my left.

I will attempt to do an ASCI drawing below, but I don't know how it will turn out. BTW what to you guys use to draw and post stuff like this?

Any help with a better location, or temporar treatment would be appreciated.
It sounds fairly decent to me in the sweet spot but I can hear all kinds of standing waves if I move away.

30 ft
| x x
| x
| 24ft
I can't seem to get the right side of the drawing to line up. Just move the listening position over a couple of feet from the left wall.

Any and all help will be appreciated because I am stuck here for a few months!