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Interesting amp at an interesting price!
Soundclips please!
I am going to be recording some sound clips tonight. Since it is being sold as a head only for right now the speaker selection will make a huge impact on the sound. The samples will be recorded through my brand new Avatar (great company!) Contemporary cabinet with one each of the Celestion Heritage G12H and the Alnico Blue. It is such an amazing cabinet and really does the amp justice! I am planning on close micing each of the speakers as well as putting up a mono room mic so that people can put them into a daw and see how they blend together. The amp itself will drive two 4 ohm cabinets and honestly it got louder then I thought it would for 4 watts. Here are some of the features of the amp:

*4 watts, Class A (single output tube)
*All Hand Wired
*High and low gain inputs
*Two 4 ohm Speaker outputs
*Line level output, tapped off of the output transformer so you get the speakers's response in the direct signal
*Hand made solid cherry (pictured) or maple cabinet
*Mercury Magnetics Transformers
*Tung-Sol tubes
*Tube or Solid State Rectifier. I am going to ship the amp with either a tube rectifier or a Weber Copper Cap Rectifier of the customer's choosing. The Copper Cap simply fits into the tube socket so it can be switched out at any time.

I will be posting more pics and sound samples as I get them. Thanks for the interest!