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Question about Akai S900 to those who know it.

(Note to Peterpiper0815: I changed the colour of the reply to this - /answer from another thread/.
Please look some replies below. Thank you!

When I try to save my sample to floppy disk (Disk>04>Ent)
the floppy looks like it's working and in the end I get this message:
"OOPS! Bad data from disk".
I bought "new" DS, DD disks. < Akai S900 uses those.
Yes - they are write enabled.

What could be the problem? Floppy drive is dead?

I found only this:
"OOPS! Bed data from disk .............. and ell the red mode lights will flash. If this happens, I t may not be as bad as you think because 1 t is quite ..."
Hahaha. Great. But the manual tells nothing.