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Old 16th December 2004
one man, ONE mic pre
The "musician's notch" USED to be i Audiology texts s the 'Boilermaker's notch'.. either way it refers to the 3k dip that is classic evidence of a noise induced hearing loss (probably beginning there because it's the resonant freq of the inner ear).
They could as easily cal it the Engineer's Notch, but i suspect they see a lot more musicians by sheer numbers.

I don't personally like the TLM103 period... I'm not sure there IS a transformerless Neumann that i really like.
but certainly many great trumpet solo recordings , and even more in sections, were done on 87's and they sound great.

I know hearing a trumpet on a dynamic playing with a bone on a condenser would bug the %^&* out of me.
But your experience may differ.. depending on the depth of YOUR Boilermaker's Notch <g>

my choice if the world were my mic closet (instead of your closet):

3 87's or UM-70's

or 3 STC/Coles 4038's or RCA 44BX on trumpet with 77DX's on Bone and Sax

given your choices:
87 on Trumpet, TLM on Bone, probably C1000 on Sax, or switch the sax and bone and see what you like better.