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tone moan

Apologies gentlemen: I threw that statement out to be provocative without qualifying it -

I wasn't meaning to imply that musicians aren't concerned about these issues, only that from my experience, their ability to hear nuance, discern good sound from bad, and correctly use a tech vocabulary to describe these details isn't always what it could be. And yes, there are many studio experienced folks with all the listening skills of a good engineer or producer - thank goodness!
(Hey, some engineers can even hear notes!)

Likewise, you know that "musicians notch" that audiologists refer to?
I think many musicians unknowingly overcompensate for it with their choice of tone, mics, eq, etc.
Which, as an example, perhaps explains their preference for equip that sounds the way a TLM103 does - which in my opinion, isn't a quality piece of kit.

Discuss, consult, etc with them as you are saying? Absolutely! 110%
Leave crucial decision-making in their hands?
A dicey proposition, in my opinion

Fletcher's reference to the "jamming" concept is very good - but isn't that idea something that should/could be considered part of the pre-production process?

Sorry about misspelling "Ingrid" I was referring to the first spelling of it in the orig post