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Re: Re: I wouldn't go near a TLM-103 on a trumpet

Originally posted by JTR
No offense to Ingrin, but musicians are the last folks I'd refer to about anything to do with gear - they hear notes, not tone.
I would very much disagree with that statement... most of the musicians I know are very concerned with "tone", as well as "texture"... they sometimes lack the concept of "context vs. solo'ed" but understand, and can often communicate things they want to accentuate or bury about the tone of their instrument.

That said, musicians are indeed the last people I would talk to about gear as recording generally isn't the main thrust of their existance and their experience is limited... in my case they need to worry about playing their instrument while I play my instrument... if they're unhappy with the results they have attained working with different engineers the thing they should do is to "jam" with people who are at their level in terms of playing their instrument [recording studio] rather than try to "jam" with themselves.