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As a trombone player who has arranged for and played lots of these kind of sessions I might chime in.

Borrow that second tlm103.

Use the Neumanns as close up mics + the pair as rooms mics. Try whether 103 or U87 fits best on the trumpet as it is the most important instrument in the section.

I also second Fletchers advice on finding the best part of the room. If the players feel that they can make a good sound in the room without having to work too hard then you´re halfway there. The worst sessions is when you're in someones project place with wall to wall auralex foam or similar.

..and while I can agree to some extent that finding German bands PLAYING good funk (this was about sound though) can be tough. If you ask around among horns players, finding an AE brought up on 70's rock that knows what a horn section is supposed to sound like is even more rare...

The most cruicial part is how they play though. Generally the louder the room allows you to play the better it is.