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brass sections

Some interesting answers; nice to see more than just debating about boxes on this site...

If I may, as a first-time poster, offer some suggestions?

You haven't mentioned the recording medium - that would be one thing to consider; the tendency of certain converter & mic combinations to bring out more brightness than would be the case with an analog medium, or if using ribbons, which you don't have.

Fletcher's point about finding the acoustic sweetspot in the room is very important; can make all the difference.
A good, recording savvy section will give you a blended sound - the Tower Of Power guys sound amazing in a studio; kind of one giant horn player with 8 arms - so all you gotta do is capture the blended tone as naturally as possible
If your room sounds good, and the goal is a blended section, with some doubling, then perhaps the 87 & 103 set up as a mid-side pair at a distance would be worth considering?

Then use the dynamics for fill in, but be careful about harshness (which is why I'm suggesting using the 103 at a distance)

(Yes to Fletcher's 2nd point - resist the urge to grab eq on the way to tape!!!!! and likewise, avoid compression unless absolutely needed, and then only a coupla dB)

I'd also try and avoid the "liquid courage" solution to problems with players - you tend to get a relaxed musician with lousy pitch and timing - not a great recipe for good horn tracks