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London Scene

I see by your avatar, that you're now in Manchester?

Curious if you have any thoughts about.. London...its scene etc...

I've been here before for gigs/holidays, but recently with the aid of a younger and much chirpier girlfriend than myself, I decided to move here from Australia(most of the labels we've released on are in UK/Europe).

I was rudely shocked last weekend, when we played a gig with live vocals at a venue in Soho that sold bottles of £23,000.00 champagne, but the mixer was worth less than £23. I've seen this thing before, at a gig I played at af ew years ago in shoreditch with Robert Owens - he was doing vocals over his set, and instead of plugging his MIC into the FOH mixer for proper EQ they chucked it straight into the DJ mixer and the sound was what you'd expect from a DJ mixer PRE.... could - not - believe - this....

Have you any gripes / recommendations / anectodes from the London scene? (according to your bio you lived there yeah?)