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You have had some very interesting input on this thread. Could you clarify what you are saying in this post?

Like this:

If you DO have a cool 8 bar that wants to become a tune, copy either two or three of them after each other (depending on arrangement you're aiming for). Not loop, but copy, then glue the riffs and maybe some spot drums into the full lenght lego (i.e. 16 or 24 bars). Then listen in a 16 or 24 bar loop, focusing on a riffy sound you have running.

Likelihood is that now, that FAT riff from your 8 bar starts grating on you before the longer new loop turns round, because it has to many notes in it.

Now play it from the top and focus on the first few notes of the part and see if you can hear where the riff 'changes direction' if you know what I mean. Maybe the first 3 notes run up and then it dives down on the forth. Maybe the dive down is an answer to the run up. Maybe you can kill the first dive down, listen to it, and realise that a) there is more space AND musicality now... b) you REALLY enjoy the dive down when it happens the second time round as a surprise....maybe you only actually need the dive down once in the 24 bar...etc...etc

Cut holes in ways as to make what was parts based on 8 bar lenght LAST across, say 24 until the actual new resulting pattern repeats= more surprises, less expected boredom, more you've got an interesting verse section with holes for new answers....sparse though....think one new stab in one place of the 24......when you're happy and your longer loop has now aquired the 'forecer-runner feel' play from this into just the drums and get a feel for where it needs to change to musically. Look for a tension/contrast. Get a new sound up and only start touching the keys after there is a way forward in your head. Then play from the verse and record what you feel for the next section with the new sound (KEEP IT SIMPLE THOUGH...). Ater you have a nicely contrasting thing to the verse you could try to see if some mutes on the drumms work better in the new section or take in some of the verse sounds if they fit. Nothing 'in the spotlight'y though, just carpet........whoops you're a few minutes in to an arrangement....bla,bla,bla