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Agreed, but I wouldn't disregard the monitoring question completely.
The 'envelope' of the tabla is hard for both speaker & microphone since the large initial 'excitation' can cause resonances which mask the lower-level concurent sounds - in both microphone & speaker.
This would apply in close-miked situations more than in setups like yours or e.g. Water Lily. Reverb will drown a good bit of that.
Monitoring is fairly irrelevant for the differences between good and bad I am referring to. I'm not so much talking about sharp transients, but some of the fairly subtle sounds of the fingers moving on the drum.

I've never heard a direct-radiator speaker capable of reproducing even a tourist quality tabla.....
Even if this were a great instrument, one would need to have the right technique to really make it sound. Would you let a beginner play you a few samples on a Stradivari for your website...? heh

Originally Posted by ISedlacek View Post
Andy is coming to my studio next week with his wondrous microphones, so I will be able to try them on my acoustic instruments and compare with Schoeps, AEA etc.
Interesting... Is there a competent Tabla player around?