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On a mission for decision - stuck between Broadhurst Gardens and the Great River

Yes, sorry, another annoying "which dual pre-amp meets my requirements" thread.

Basically I wanna take acoustic guitar and vocals for some 60ies psychedelic folk music. The only mic I´ll use for it is a Microtech Gefell M930 for vocals, the converters are those pro tools likes from the Emu 1212m. The guitar (Hopf Bronco XG 620) got an pick up installed.

So I spend the last weeks gathering information on Pre-Amps, and now its getting down to decision between following six in order of personal impression:

- Phoenix Audio DRS Q4 (problem is the price, and availability in Germany)
- Great River ME-2 NV (price ever bigger when considered it has no EQ)
- Neve Portico 5012 (maybe the best compromise?)
- DAV Broadhurst Gardens No. 1 U (could require additional warm up at least for the guitar, like the little Summit TLA 050?)
- PreSonus ADL 600 (also bit expensive)
- Groove Tubes Supre (looks ****in ugly, and it is maybe bit to muddy?)

The Phoenix would be the greatest deal since seperate EQ are really expensive, and I don´t want to do too much editing with computer plugins. But its not easy to get one around here, and I don´t have much time or financial headroom for experiments.

A few suggestions from you? Thanks.