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Old 24th June 2004
Originally posted by entropy
**** Mike, I don't know how you can take it! doing a studio in Hawaii.... aaahhhh

If you want to stick 'em on stands ( not putting something in permantly), I've used the DynAudio M2 and had good results, if you want to mount 'em, M3. They need something hefty to power them.

Gotta go now, maybe someone else can give you some amp models that'll work with them.

With all due respect Entropy i gotta disagree on the big Dyn's.

Maybe its just the way they have to be setup, but i've tried mixing on a couple of the big Dyn's(Quad here in NYC) and after a while i couldn't stand them.

They are very mid heavy.

For a free standing soffit monitor maybe this thread can help:

(Hey Thomas B. if this works out you better invite me on the trip to Hawaii).heh

The problem with soffit speakers is that the rooms they are put into are usually built with a speaker in mind.