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At the House ATTEMPT #2 (it's an .mp3 now)

This is some stuff I mixed recently from some demo sessons cut at A&M Studiios in 1993. It was cut live with the vocals OD'd later. It was recorded onto BASF 911 on a Studer that was oddly set up for +3 over 185 nwbr. I think I recall that this was in the big "We Are the World" room. The drum ambience is the room.

The band was my friend Terry Glaze's effort called Blowphish which was his band after we did Lord Tracy which was after he left Pantera (he was pre-Phil.)
The lead GTR player might be our own CHETATKINSDIET and the drummer is Mike Maitland who was recruited and joined the Goo Goo Dolls right as this stuff was being cut.

I mixed this stuff here at the house on a Midas Venice 320, some dBx 165s and 160s, a Yamaha REV500, a Lexicon 224xl, and a Studer A810 for slapback echo.

It is "mastered" through a pair of Sphere 920 EQs, a TC Finalizer and on to a Fostex stand-alone CD burner.