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I think it is incorrect to assume that if channels for downloading music 'illegally' without paying were removed that those who indulged in such practices would go to the store and buy the same music.
They used to. If we could slow the rate of stealing to the trickle it was with CD's and cassettes we might have a healthy business model again

So yes there is a legal argument to be made that downloading/filesharing is 'stealing'. However it's quite another thing to suppose that such activities are destroying music sales to the extent that some might have us believe.
there are two things at play here, at the same time (and somewhat intertwined): a shift in the way people access music (covenience and portability) and an open door to take whatever one wants (keys to the candystore). They're both major factors in the demise of the current music business model.

The success of online music retail (eg iTunes) would strongly suggest that there is a new type of market opening up. Different medium, different distribution channels, different market factors, different politics, an quite possibly a different (read: larger) customer/fan base.
Indeed - and I'm all for it: iTunes, CDBaby, Snocap...bringit on! But once these files are bought by ONE consumer we need to ensure they're not distributed FREELY to thousands (millions)

Originally Posted by Volodia
Had a argument yesterday with people who are parents : they say they don't give money to their kids for records . They tell them "dowload for free" .

A lot of people have come to assume music was free . If they risk their connection they might think otherwise .

I really think illegal downloads are the heart of the problem . There's a direct link between the numbers of dsl connection market shares and music sales going down .

When the law against piracy in France was announced alot of people reacted saying " the net firms are gonna regret it , if we can't dowload for free we don't need high speed internet connection" .
werd! to all of that!

Originally Posted by Soulbrother
I polled friends of mine randomly and asked 'em how many had recently bought a C.D.. None had, and all are adamant music fans.

It's as simple as , somebody mentions a new band and you think "Oh cool, I must Bittorrent that tonight when I get home."
Exactly. Even worse, when I ask people how much of the music on their mp3 player was paid for, they almost universally say "none of it". CD's are dying and everyone listens to portable files - no problem there. People are stealing what they used to buy and then freely redistributing those files to many - big problem there.