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Derek Sivers: Thanks for taking the time to reply. But I'm a little lost. I'm on here looking for nuts and bolts advice about moving into self distribution online and you're either telling me to "Go. Shoo. Scram. Get out of the way." And questioning the validity of why I have a few months before I start. Maybe I have extremely valid reasons?

Perhaps this is a cultural difference and that is the kind of talk your customers respond to in the US but that's exactly the kind of gung ho spiel that I mentioned in my original post that I'm trying to cut through. I won't speak for the UK or mainland Europe but I can safely say that it would jar here in Ireland. Straight answers to straight questions are great. I'm bombarded by emails telling me WHAT I'M DOING WRONG WITH MY MUSIC & HOW TO FIX IT, every week. My music is actually doing pretty damn fine. I don't NEED anything that I can't get for myself quite happily. I'm just here to learn a little more. And I have experience starting a company in another area of the music business so I understand the value of preperation. But unless I'm missing something about online distribution, we'll agree to disagree there.

I hope this post doesn't get me black listed by your promo people when I start using CDbaby!!*insert canned laughter* You've got a great product and yes, you've got a new customer. I'm just being as straight with you as you are with me. Now, for my real question; Will online distribution of a bedroom 4 track cassette rap recording make me rich, famous, fabulous and happy or not?!