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Smile a couple of months to decide?!

Originally Posted by juicylime View Post
I've got a couple of months to decide and I intend on doing what I choose to go with 110.9%. So I want to get it right.
Two bits of advice (not that you asked, again):

You won't "get it right" because there is no "right" to "get".

Business is a constant state of flux, taking advantage of CURRENT opportunities.

Start NOW. Dive in. Learn by doing. Make mistakes. Adapt. Improve. Try, fail, learn. Try, fail, learn. Try, succeed, learn. Try, fail, learn. Every day. That's the only way to make anything happen.

If you try to wait until everything is perfect you will never do anything. Get rid of the word perfect, completely. Stop thinking like that.

A "couple of months to decide"? WTF? In a couple months everything will be different again, companies you were thinking of using will have shut down, new ones will have opened, new revolutions will have already happened, etc.

Decisions happen in minutes, not months. Does it excite you? Go do it! Does it drain you? Don't! Will you learn something from it? Go do it! Is it old-and-boring? Don't!