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I think it is incorrect to assume that if channels for downloading music 'illegally' without paying were removed that those who indulged in such practices would go to the store and buy the same music.
I agree 100%. I think P2P is, over the long term, going to remain a cost of doing business over the internet. Maybe File-Sharing is to the online music business what Advertising is to a traditional brick-and-mortar business: an expense that we incur with the hope that it will, ultimately, bring more paying customers through the door. We can lament the fact that we don't have a choice whether to "advertise" in the new model, but P2P does offer the artist "brand awareness" and a potential future sale, which is what traditional advertising offers, right?

So again, maybe File-sharing, like traditional advertising, leads to INCREMENTAL revenue that you wouldn't have otherwise received.