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Old 28th November 2007
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Hmmm. let's see ... Stealing IS Illegal, ok!? I know, but the P2P file sharing isn't the primary or sole motive to the "Music Industries" "fall". Just think this:"I won't buy a CD just for a song" - the kid says - "I'll download it and hear it whole if i like it ill buy it". (Here in Puerto Rico we go to a music store with pride to buy a cd, cd's, LP's and cassettes, we value music that much) BTW aren't you the one's that opposed to the CD revolution stating that:"44.1khz (really 22.05khz) is trash compared to the LP? Not enough "fidelity" or "feeling" to the "real sound"?. But guess what the same that occurred with the CD Revolution is happenin with the MP3 and download revolution. so think a little before repeating history.

With that said Think for a second who really is responsible for the music leaking illegaly to the internet: the artists, the engineers, the producers, the asistants (all the variations of them), in fact, analize the chain the songs have to pass before getting to a CD and end up on the internet 3 before the cd release. Just my $.02