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First off: Thanks to the fine reps from these companies that are guesting the forum here. Your contributions are simply invaluable.

On to the black heart of this particularly dark matter:

If an artist ELECTS to give a piece of his art away, that is their own prerogative. I have no problem with this.


Free = without worth = worthless

We do all realize this, right?

This is not what I want my entire life's work, my inspiration, my driving force, my reason for existing on this planet to become.


So, shut it down. Turn off the supply. Tag songs, follow the trails. Warn filesharers once, then pull their access and prosecute them. Same with content providers. Prosecute the sites. Break down their doors, arrest the employees, confiscate the servers. At the very least, make it a little more difficult. A little less easy. A little riskier.
Make it ILLEGAL.

Perhaps a few more (or a whole lot more) soccer moms need to be arrested before popular opinion shifts back to (what is obviously) common sense regarding acknowledged theft. We ARE discussing THEFT. I imagine if mommy and daddy are fined a few thousand dollars for juniors DL habit, they might revisit their own personal views on the rights and wrongs of this subject. If this were to take place, how long would it take for global "popular opinion" and/or perception to experience a major paradigm shift? Not long.

Simple questions, folks: Exactly what part of stealing is open to debate? It's "okay because everyone does it"? Why do we have laws? Why are laws enforced? Is this an anarchy?
I have to say...This post was PERFECT! If you go after Mommy and Daddy and make sure it becomes major news, then I believe that you would see a huge shift in peoples attitudes about illegal downloading.

But, it has to be a nationwide task force in the top 25-50 markets and there would need to be 5000-10,000 parents arrested and booked in one or two days to really make an impact, I believe...You always hear about the college kid who gets slapped with a $25,000 lawsuit or something, but everyone knows that the risk of getting caught is so low, that its old news 15 minutes later..

If you hit 10,000 parents in a day or two, and actually ARREST them instead of serving a lawsuit, then I think the statement would be quite effective and force people to think about hitting that "download now" button.

Manpower for this type of enforcement would be a major problem though...A law enforcement operation of this magnitude would certainly require hundreds, if not a few thousand police officers and investigators...But, if you whack these parents with a $5000 fine per occurrence, even plea bargaining it to a single count at $5000 per clip would more than pay for the manpower neccesary here...This could easily be a self-funding and nationwide task force...

This industry needs it...