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Old 27th November 2007
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There is no question in my mind that filesharing has a lot to answer for.

I polled friends of mine randomly and asked 'em how many had recently bought a C.D.. None had, and all are adamant music fans.

It's as simple as , somebody mentions a new band and you think "Oh cool, I must Bittorrent that tonight when I get home."

It is pointless to argue about whether it is stealing or not when pretty much everybody is doing it. There are only two categories of people I ever hear of that dont do it:

(1) People involved in Music who see it as stealing.
(2) Record geeks, who just love the look of that C.D./L.P on the shelf, and as a result are not interested in owning a 'mere file'.

Even myself, I walked into a record store the other day (to buy a cover for my iPod) and I remember thinking how quaint it was to go physically walk to a shop in order to buy a plastic disk (which may or may not be in stock), and then pay up to 40 dollars for some fancy "remastered with extra liner notes" album I could download in less than 20 minutes at home for nothing.

We are going to have to think of new ways to make money from music: Recordings now are not as desirable a product as once they were, because they can be gotten for free. It is pointless to argue that it is stealing (even though, of course, it is), as everybody is doing it now anyway.