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I'm glad you mention that. I also think it was a success.

They say that 40% paid, and 60% didn't.

People moan saying, "Oh 60% didn't pay a thing!"

I think the opposite : Radiohead said, "You don't have to pay", and 40% of the public paid anyway, even though they didn't have to.

People love musicians and many are glad to pay, even if they don't have to. They want to. Especially for indepdendent music where they know their money is actually going directly to the artists, instead of the RIAA.
I thought the same way when they first came out with the idea. It was great, one day we hadn't heard anything from Radiohead at all, the next, they posted a blog on their website saying, "Hey guys. We just finished our new record. It's called In Rainbows, it's 10 tracks, and it's coming out in 10 days. Oh, and it's free, if you want."

I never thought "pay-what-you-want", I always thought "pay-if-you-want".

By the way, thanks for all you do for the indies! Your site is absolutely a cornerstone for the independent music revolution. We all appreciate your business so much.