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do you mean that the average independent label is selling more albums now than they were pre-download era.
Yes, definitely!

In 1997, there was no company that would sell your CD online, so I had to do it myself. That's how CD Baby accidently started.

My only sales were at live shows, or going through individual consignment shops, etc. Only people in my area could buy my music, unless they really wanted to mail me a check and wait a couple weeks.

Now only 10 years later, everyone all around the world is buying music online.

At CD Baby, we sell about 2000 albums a day, and about 1000 a day are people "just browsing", buying music they hadn't heard of a few minutes before.

30% of our orders are from overseas. People in Brazil buying $200 of music from artists in Cincinatti and Charlotte. People in the Japan that place huge $500 orders every week from otherwise-unknown artists. It's amazing!

And yes, most musicians I talk to who have been doing this over 10 years feel that they're doing better now than ever. That they have better reach than ever. That they're on a more level playing-field than ever. People are more willing than ever to find and buy independent music online.

We pay over $200,000 to our musician clients every Monday night.

Last Monday's weekly payout was over $2.1 MILLION dollars, just for the week's sales from, iTunes, and others combined. All of that going directly to independent musicians. No labels. No distributors.

If you ever feel that nobody is buying music anymore, come hang out here for a day.

If some of your friends at labels aren't doing as well as they were before, I don't know what to say, because the buying environment is better than it's ever been.