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Originally Posted by Derek Sivers View Post
Sales are WAY up for the independents.

Independent musicians are doing better than ever before.

While the Eminem and Beyoncé sales fall, the independents are selling more than ever.

It's a wonderful spreading-out of sales. Less at the top, more at the bottom.
Can you or anyone else support that with industry-wide figures? Do we have a well-verified figure what the total market is in recording sales? Has the total market actually gone up or down (this would include e.g. ringtones)? What is an "independent" in your it just that the "majors" are having to spin off or cut off artists to survive under the circumstances, and those artists are gaining residual sales off the reputations the majors earned for them?

I'm very skeptical. The reports we heard (was it from you, elsewhere?) about Snocap's total sales figures make me think that yes things are going to hell.