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Is File sharing killing Music or is it something else?

so the RIAA blames file sharing for low revenues...

a lot of folks blame the record labels for lack of good artists.. as well as bad business practices (giving a band 30k or more in debt and if the album flops then its forgivable debt).

and in an article in wired mag it mentioned that a lot of "fun" money that teenagers and kids used to spend on music is going to other entertainment , like video games, computers, cell phones etc etc...

also how does the perceived value of music has changed with iTunes and Illegal file sharing?
before an album price range was 16-18 bucks, now its 10 and for a lot of kids should be free cause u have limewire. why pay they say.

and not to mention that a CD costs 15-18 bucks on the street but a DVD of a $300 million budget movie costs the same. (even after they recoup from theatre sales)
no value added to the cd..not better sound quality, no 5.1 , blue ray and super DVd but thats not taking off.

and tied to that,

the value of music now that digital technology has enable artists to produce thier own
music without big studios... and/or gear getting cheaper. also pro tools/plugins etc.