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What I'm using is

Logic Pro 7, AKG mic, M-Audio Fire Wire Solo

My chain goes like this mic>interface>computer

Now when I open an audio track and, press record, I can't hear anything...what am I doing wrong
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You have to go into your daw and assign asio drivers for your solo. make sure all the correct software is installed. go to the web site for m- audio and download the updates for your interface.
you should have a system audio folder some where in the options of your DAW. make sure that your interface is selected as your primary driver.
set it to 24 bit. make sure that your project template is set to the same khz as your interface. so if you are recording at 4800 khz make sure that you have a 4800khz template open. if your daw template is set to 41oo and your interface is set to 4800 you will not get a working project template.
Make sure that your tracked is armed to record. make sure that the internal pre's on the interface is turned up to a level. . when you do a test record, make sure that you get a good level of anywhere from - 16db to -6 db . but do some test run to see what level sounds best to you. i usually get a good level of around - 12db. that way when you add some buss sends and aux sends you dont over push the signal. start there and if you have any more questions. get at me.
We will get you recording in no time.
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