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Barefoot MM27 in COSMOS STUDIOS!

Hi Gearslutz,

Last week I received a pair of Barefoor MM27 that waited in the Basement of my studio till I finished 3 projects with very tight dead lines.

I wanted to mix the last song of those projects with the Barefoots, I know this is a very risky decision with a new set of monitors but hey, I don't have time!!!

My current set consists in a pair of SA3a with sub10, a pair of NS10 and a big Quested speakers with a big sub.

I installed the MM27s, and the first thing I noticed was their weight, oh my god they weight a lot!! Also, their construction is amazing, built like a tank but at the same time the design is so beautiful.

I decided to begin a mix on them because that is the best way to judge a studio monitors.

I've been using my S3a for almost 4 years and I know them very well, so after I started with the MM27, the first thing I noticed and LOVED was how accurate they are on the "low end" department, wow, this is something I always complained about my adams, because IMHO S3a with a sub are a little bit confusing on the low end, there's a hole between the sub and the speakers, also the barefoots gave me a good reference on the very high freq. spectrum, something that definitely S3a doesn't have.
It was very easy for me to sit my kick and bass on my mix without a problem, also, since the low freq. were not masking or covering the mids and hi freq's it was very easy to find a good place for my vocals, the levels between subs, lows, mids and hi's are perfect.
So I finished my mix and after some listenings in my car and my boombox I send it to the label without surprises, the mix was exactly as I mixed it at my place. C'mon! this was my first time with those speakers and I was able to deliver a mix that translate really well to other systems!!!

A very important thing... I experienced NO ear fatigue after listening on them for almost 12 hours at high and low levels s.

Great job Barefoot

Definitely I'm gonna buy the Barefoots, they worth every cent, I also gonna keep my Adams because: (1) I know them really well and (2) I love the mids on my S3a, they are perfect for eq'ing electric guitars.

Best regards.