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learn about lp and hp for real man. Im a boom bap (conna sewer LMAO) hmmm..... maybe my next beat name or something.
check this out. i have tryed this out and it works fairly nice for boom bap kicks as you call them.

this works best with a desk made of thick wood or composite.

take a kick mic or a condenser if you dont have a good kick mic and put it on a mic stand with the joint in the middle allowing you to angle the mic under the desk.. face the diaphram of the mic twords the bottom side of the desk. didstance the mic about a foot away and do a couple good thumps on the top of your desk like back in the old days of beatin on the lunch room table. this works best if the area you stick the mic under is a fairly large area and if it is closedoff on three sides..... this will create more bass to the kick but you can achieve a thousand different sounds.

one you get a couple solid thumps layer one over your favorite kick and off you go.