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you are aware of how many mobile (smart)phones the likes of Nokia sell per year?
The iPhone offers absolutely zero, with the single exception of a UI gimmick over any other smartphone - in point of fact, the iPhone offers substantially less than any other model I can think of

methinks a bit more perspective is required here...
I stand by my assertion. The iPhone will have a huge impact on the mobile industry for years to come.

And Nokia will not know what hit them.

While Nokia is wondering what color looks nicer, Apple is building a perfect integration of a family of products; computers, iPods, iPhone's, Apple TV, DotMac and whatever future products they develop. Five years from now, we will all use this integrated family of products to make life simpler, more creative, more fun, and more fully satisfying.

The Nokia way of life is about to go the way of VHS, cassettes and Victrola's.