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Looked into loudness matching plugins today and looked into this one because it was a better value than some of the others out there. WOW. A lot of the wow comes from the concept of loudness matching, but the plugin did all the work, and was pretty easy to use. I worked on a mix for a week and had several things on the master bus. The mix came out pretty good but I knew there were flaws. I demod this plug and was able to improve that mix at least 3 fold within an hour. It really goes to show how fooled I was by loudness. I've read some people say the gain can be off by some fractions of a DB, but even if it is the majority of the matching was there enough to really shape the mix properly. I was able to not only make the mix more dynamic and smooth, but I was also able to retain the loudness level I had on the original mix. Unbelievable. This is a game changer for me. Purchased and ready get into some mixes!