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Improvising live on video with the HALion 6 patch Diamander from Cornucopia.

Patch description:
Multi-sampled synth bells with FX tails, 5 pitches were sampled between C1 – C5, samples are crossfade-looped. In a second layer there is a WT synth using a WT extracted from one of the samples (C4). MW adds square-shaped pitch modulation, modulation speed is modulated via VEL and S&H, +/- 7 Semitones with the wheel fully engaged. Plenty of Macros are installed for controlling the WT synth timbre, adding RM FX to the synth bells and master delay/reverb FX. QC3 introduces velocity sensitive LP filtering.



Ambient demo featuring a single patch from Cornucopia, plenty of Macro automation going on.

Patch description:
Field recorded stone-water-splash layered with effected version (sampling and granular C-2 – C3) and processed water bells (C3 – C7), overlapping split point: C3. Each layer has a volume control - natural stone in L1, split sampling in L2 - split granular in L3, control sample start of L2 with QC1, control grain speed/position in L3 with QC3, add filter modulation to L2/3 with QC6, control modulation speed with QC7. MW adds tempo-synced tremolo FX, each layer has Macro controls for volume, the stone-splash in L1 has controls for pitch key follow range and coarse tuning and a dedicated convolution reverb which can also be reversed with a switch. The granular layer has 2 Macros for pitch randomization (one for each split sound). More Macros for phaser/delay/reverb FX are available.

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