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Two fresh patches from Cornucopia in one slightly dramatic demo, both patches layer samples of a huge gong (ø 130 cm) located in the garden of my mother's house (where I grew up), during a visit over the weekend I made some field recordings there. In both patches there is also a wavetable synth using a WT derived from the gong samples, custom interfaces let you control lots of parameters, I'll make a video once I have completed more patches with those field recordings, also some very large some beautiful wind chimes were captured, birds, and more...


Edit (later)

Two instances of HALion 6 using 2 presets (Garden Chimes Split + Alto Sax Swell Pad) from Cornucopia, some Macro and modulation wheel action in both instances.

Patch descriptions:

Two long tubular chime samples split across the keyboard, split point: C3 - recorded in a garden (of my mum’s house where I grew up in), each sample is layered with an effected version where the pitches of the chimes are tuned to a dorian scale, the FX versions play in granular mode. Plenty of QCs and Macros are installed, amongst other things you can control/modulate sample start/grain position/grain speed, hybrid filter modulation and phaser FX for for the granular layer, chorus/ring modulation for the sampling layer, master delay/reverb FX and more. MW adds complex pitch modulation, AT adds vibrato when the respective QC has dialed in.

Alto Sax Swell Pad
Two re-synthesized/wave-tabled alto sax swells in OSC1/2 of the WT synth. MW adds tempo-synced formant modulation (via filter envelope), QC4 adds a tempo-synced filter envelope (user envelope). Each OSC has dedicated controls for WT speed, formant shift, amount of unison voices, unison detune and pan position. A band reject filter on program level can be dialed in with the center Macro. More controls are available for chorus/delay/reverb FX, QC3 controls amount of vibrato (pitch/amplitude) via AT, the Glide-switch enables tempo-synced glide (1/16).
Have a nice sonic flight...



Improvising live on video with the HALion 6-patch "Odd Even Mill" from Cornucopia.

Dual WT Synth using an odd and an even tempo-synced WT (odd/even partials), MW adds vibrato, each oscillator has Macro controls for volume, octave and detune, more Macros control delay/ensemble/reverb FX. QC3 adds distortion, QC4 introduces a tempo-synced pitch stepper – +/- 1 octave with the control fully engaged.



And another one:

Improvising with a vocal re-synthesis patch from Cornucopia, Macro and modulation wheel action was recorded in several passes after improvising the music - 100% HALion 6.

Re-synthesized/wave-tabled female speech loop, MW adds a tempo-synced pitch sequence, plenty of wavetable controls are installed for modulating WT-speed, formant shift (also via LFO), unison detune, LP cutoff and more. More Macros are available for controlling delay/chorus/reverb FX.

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