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SurferEQ was a lite version, not the full one

But this month is the best month yet imho, I can't believe we get R2 for free. It truly is a top notch reverb. Its VST3 version is also very well implemented and stops using CPU when the reverb isn't in use (which is actually my favourite feature of the reverb, hehe).

Please guys, get your hands on this. Yes, it's worth owning an iLok for this plugin along with Relab's LX480 (which is imho the finest software reverb ever).
There was a free Eventide reverb, too (2016?)... I already had it, but got a spare license (not to sell).

They gave the first items to software-only registrants like me... the free XLN piano of choice is the only full product I got that I didn't already have (I already had the grand, upright and electric, so the electric grand rounded out my collection).

Oh, and I ended up with the Novation station instruments somehow, as well... buggy when I tried them, though.