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Ok, I figured out what went wrong. Apparently I have 2 ilok accounts and I didn't know it. Part of the reason I didn't know it is because they are attached to the same email address (I have never heard of a company that lets you create multiple accounts with the same email address). So I foolishly deposited the license on my account that doesn't have a physical ilok associated with it. I haven't activated the license yet so hopefully pace can do something for me seeing as how this was obviously just a dumb mistake. Sorry to derail this thread with ilok shenanigans when the point is that this is a very cool thing focusrite is doing!
Ah, that makes sense (from your end) ... not on iLok's end, that is indeed silly.

Perhaps see if they can merge your two accounts into one to avoid confusion. They are pretty money driven though, I hope they don't ask you to pay for them to do this.